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Beeswax Yellow Beeswax White Beeswax Nov 10, 2017

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Yellow beeswax
White beeswax

[Specifications Details]
Saponification value: 87 - 110 (KOHmg/g)
Impurity: < 0.1 %
Acid value: 17 - 24(KOHmg/g)
Hydrocarbon: < 17%
Melting Point: 62 - 63
Packing: 25KG/Carton

Beeswax is also called the yellow wax, which is one of fatty substances secreted by working bees who is about two weeks.
Beeswax, a liquid secreted from the bee's wax gland after the bees draw honey. After secreted, the liquid becomes condensate of scale in the cold air, the scale aggregates into the beeswax. Beeswax is solid at normal temperature. Beeswax is used to build honeycomb and honeycomb seal by bees. Beeswax Shows the appearance of yellow or dark brown, with plasticity and lubricity. The colors of beeswax vary, depending on process technology, bee race and age of honeycomb. If exposed in sunlight, or decolourized by proper oxidant, Beeswax will become white. The unhandled beeswax appears Yellow. Natural beeswax is slightly with a pleasant smell like honey.

Main Chemical Composition:
Hydrocarbons14%, monoesters42, , diesters14%, triesters3%, hydroxy monoesters4%, hydroxy polyesters8%, acid estersa1%, free acids12%, other substances 2%

1. Be used as cosmetic raw materials, in the products such as ointment, cold cream, lotion, hair grease, lipstick and rouge, etc.;
2. Be processed into candles. Many various candles is made of beeswax;
3. Medical applications, such as cream, ointment, paste wax, obducens, and the Chinese medicine pills;
4. Be used in dental prosthetics. Beeswax acts as a raw material of moulage and backplanes;
5. Be used in the manufactures of Furniture, as well as leather, and telescope disk;
6. Act as adhesive in gum, crayon and ink;
7. Beeswax is also used as materials of honeycomb in the area of Apiculture.

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