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Top Beeswax, EU Quality, 100% Natural Beeswax (Best yellow beeswax-Particles) May 18, 2017

Product Description

Product name: EU Quality ,100% Natural Beewax(Best pure natrual beeswax - Particles),Flame resistance, No smoke,Do not pollute the environment, No tears
Specification: 25kg/carton

*Best-selling EU indicators
*Color: Yellow
*Smell: Contain natural plant aroma
*Melting point o C: 62 ~ 69
*Acid value (ROH mg/g): 17 ~ 22
*Iodine value (iodine g / 100 g): 11 ~ 13
*Hydrocarbons: 23% max
*Glycerin, others: BP2000
*Honey Bee Disease: No
*Saponification value (KOH mg/g): 80 ~ 110,

100% natural beeswax is sources hive, industrious little bees gather nectar will spit into the hive, when nectar full by worker bees bee abdomen below four pairs of wax gland secretion by the fatty substance, the bees will use it to build a bee spleen and to collect full of honey using wax seal save, also called hive block. Beekeepers shake out honey before, Beekeepers will cut down beewax on the honeycomb  and only can be rolled out honey, this kind of block of honey, top pure natural honey,and beewax and honey, all are very rare and precious. Take down the beeswax through Professional and biological extraction process, sterilization, etc. Series process, finally get 100% natural beeswax
100%Natural beeswax(Best beeswax):Beeswax is fatty substance excreted by working bees' eight wax glands in abdomen Beeswax is a kind of organic mixture excreted by working bees' wax glands. It has sweet smells like pollen and nectar.Natural beeswax appearance is light yellow, yellow or brown, plasticity and lubricity.Its chemical products have certain differences, because of the bee different its main components are: acids, free fatty acids, free fatty alcohols, and carbohydrates.In addition, there are carrots, vitamin A, aromatic substances, etc.

Warm prompt: Only pure natural beeswax( Also known as grade A beewax), it is best beeswax, have no add oil yellow staining, and Pure natural beeswax (best beeswax ) physical and chemical indicators inside the saponification value of not less than 75%, if less than 75, it is not a pure natural beeswax. We also can according to customer demand production

[Applicable scope: ]
Our natural beeswax has good adhesion, permeability, emulsibility and Smoothness. It is widely used in the production of face cream, vanishing cream, lipstick, hair oil, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow, etc.

2)Health Food
Beeswax has good plasticity, detachment, film forming, waterproofing, moistureproofing and anti-oxidation. Therefore, beeswax is used as barbecue oil and cooker wax in food industry and family. It is also used in Chinese and Western dessert and mold release in candy process.

3)Pharmaceutical industry
It is widely used in ointment base stock and Chinese patent drug packaging.

4)Other industries
Beeswax is also widely used in electric power industry, electronic industry, printing industry, leather industry, printing ink industry, greese industry, paper making industry and candle industry.

Efficacy: It has multiple functions such as oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, anti-ulcer, cancer prevention and cancer resistance. It contains rich flavonoids substances (the content of these substances in Beeswax is higher than that of any other kind of material in nature) and terpenes, both of which have significant functions such as antiphlogosis, anti-virus, lowering blood fat and cholesterol, regulating blood pressure, etc. Thus, Beeswax is known as "a patron saint of human health", "the scavenger of blood vessels" and so on.

100%Natural beeswax(Best beeswax):
Beeswax is fatty substance excreted by working bees' eight wax glands in abdomen Beeswax is a kind of organic mixture excreted by working bees' wax glands. It has sweet smells like pollen and nectar.

"Sensory standard"
(1) The bee secretion of pure beeswax to white, because the pollen fat soluble hydrocarbon, carotene and other pigment on the influence of the old nest spleen, make the wax yellow, deep yellow, brown, no matter what kind of color, the color should be bright, lacklustre, general uneven surface, has a ripple.

(2) The smell should be beeswax unique aroma, no peculiar smell.

(3) Eat pure beeswax when chewing, non-stick teeth, have similar aroma of honey.

(4) The slide with finger point to an abdomen is clingy sliding on the wax has send acerbity feeling, if containing paraffin is very slippery.

(5) Delimit forward delimit gently with the thumb nail in wax block surface, without the necessary instruments, if necessary instruments containing paraffin would draw a layer.

(6) To knead knead the wax block with his nails have sticky feeling, easy to stick on the nail, if contain wax is smooth and not sticky.

(7) Will wax into fine stick, brittle and break when pulling together. Containing paraffin is not easy to break, but pull longer and longer, beheaded is cuspidal.

What is the source of natural beeswax?  where is it from?

100% pure natural beeswax output is very little, it is very rare. Source: bees gather nectar, to fly back to the hive, the nectar vomit into hive , the beehive vomit full after, bees wax gland by itself, spit out wax gland will honey nest closed (by the bees' wings flaps its wings, let the honey water (24-30%), natural brewing process about 10 days or so, the top ripe honey is a pure natural honey, honey has high nutritional value and medicinal value, it is rich in biological active enzymes, etc. Water through natural brewing around 20% (17 ~ 20%), because of the climate in different areas of the environment, different nectar source plants, so the water will have differences, however, usually less than 24% is the real pure natural honey. Honey mature, through artificial acquisition, need to cut the beehive above a layer of wax, this part of the beeswax, filtered, sterilization and other manufacturing process, the beeswax, is 100% pure natural beeswax.
Natural ripe honey (not by any  processed).Immature honey water is big (Usually 1 ~ 3 days to collect a time honey,), high output, usually via high temperature steam, reducing the moisture.if the high temperature steam evaporation decrease water, after high temperature steam evaporation of honey water is reduced, but destroy the nutritional value and medicinal value of honey.  Very pity.
And honey amylase value itself is very low, the international standard of natural honey amylase value is 8%, false honey is no amylase value.