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6 Frames Electric Honey Extractor Dec 20, 2017

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Yixian Huangshan bee products Co., Ltd. Was established in 1984, covers an area of 60000 square meters, located in YiXian county, Hebei province, China. The transportation is convenient. Our company is a collection of production, processing, research and sales in bee products for the integration. Mainly products is honey, Propolis, Beeswax, Royal jelly, Bee pollen, beeswax foundations and beekeeping equipment. Our product markets are segmented into Japan, USA, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, European Union etc. Our products enjoy numerous recognition and popularity in the local market.

Our company pay attention to credit standing, products quality and cultivate talents. And has a contingent of top-notch researchers, especially in beeswax industry. Yixiang beeswax foundation is the company's nest independent brand, Yixiang beeswax foundation has been honored with "outstanding Chinese products" in the 33rd and 24th convention of national beekeeping. And has been honored with "famous-band products" in exhibition of international agriculture in 2001. The facilitates us to be qualified for ISO9001 certification. The general manager of CaiYingWei was recognized as The "Team leader of beeswax foundation ". And according to the requirements of the commodity inspection bureau set up of the standardization of the beekeeper's base.

Our company for many years has been Hebei people's government, the Baoding people's government of the city industrial and commercial bureau, city and other relevant departments to consumers' association awarded the "outstanding enterprise" "star enterprise in hebei province" "consumer trustworthy unit" "AAA grade credit enterprise" honorary title.

The company's objective is: Our unwavering business dedication to intergrity and innovation, in conjunction with support of premium quality yield of naturally bee products!
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