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Beekeeping Equipment 40% Beeswax Plastic Foundation Sheets Honeycomb Foundation Sheet Dec 31, 2017

Beekeeping Equipment 40% beeswax plastic Foundation Sheets honeycomb foundation sheet

Beeswax Foundation is artificial bees nest foundation and it is the foundation for building the hive bee. Honeycomb produced by beeswax foundation is neat, solid and good for the feeding and management of bee colony.

Our wax foundation is made of bee wax. The wax is processed in two steps,

First a wax band is produced and this band is afterwards embossed,

which makes the foundation less brittle,particularly in cold temperatures. 

The size of cell is European standard 5.4mm. 

We also offer other cell size e.g. 5.1 or 4.9 mm

We can do all kinds of size according to your requirments.eg: 41cm X20cm, 41cm X 26cm, 34.2cm X 29.2cm ,39.2cm X 24cm; etc.

Product Introduction

Our foundation have some advantage:

1.The sensory: Standard size,Flat surface, The cell in line and special size can be customized.

2.The smell:The raw material has been selected carefully, the smell is aroma of beeswax.The honeybee like this smell. And Accept fast, Built nest and spawn that day.

3.Inside character:Recipe reasonable,It can be Free curl, and don’t brittle.And the melting point is higher than others, even in the hot summer, our beeswax foundation is non- deformation.

4.From production equipment:Unique equipment in the country,Advanced processing technology, Processing workshop clean and tidy. All of this up to standard in world.

5.Using group: “yixiang” famous brand was established in 1984,has the most widely user. 

Won the brand products in International agricultural expo.

Won the outstanding bee products in China.

Have the title of Chinese king of comb foundation.

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