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Beeswax The Physical Characteristics May 16, 2017

   Beeswax Beeswax collection and extraction

Beeswax collection in the spring and autumn to complete the second quarter. Beekeepers by strengthening the colony feeding and management, to promote the bee poly secrete wax, and more to build the spleen, and then use the nest for many years the spleen, build the spleen, cut off the hive wax cover, Taiwan and shake the honey when the cut off Honey cover, etc. collected, after artificial extraction, the general will be removed after the honey honeycomb, into the water pot heating and melting, remove the upper cocoon clothing, corns, foam and other impurities, hot filter, let cool, beeswax that condensation Into a block, floating in the water, remove, that is yellow wax. Yellow wax and then refined, bleaching and other processing, Serve wax [2].

Physical properties of beeswax

    Beeswax Pure beeswax is white, usually see beeswax is light yellow, yellow or dark brown, etc., which is due to pollen, propolis in the presence of fat-soluble carotenoids or other pigment caused. At room temperature, beeswax was solid, with similar honey and bee pollen flavor of beeswax flavor. The specific gravity at 20 ° C is 0.954 to 0.964. Melting point with the source and processing methods of extraction, generally between 62 ~ 67 ℃. 300 ℃ when the beeswax smoke, broken down into carbon dioxide, acetic acid and other volatile substances.

Beeswax The outside temperature is low, the original wax contains a lot of debris, showing a special smell. The original wax to a special process to be miscellaneous, bleaching, odor and other treatment, they get a high-quality refined beeswax.

Beeswax Medicinal yellow wax, mostly irregular block, different sizes, all yellow or yellow brown, opaque or slightly transparent. Smooth surface, touch the greasy feeling. Body light, can float on the water, cold when the quality of soft brittle, broken section of granular, hand rubbing, can soften. There are honey-like aroma, sweet and flat, chew the delicate and sticky. Do not dissolve in water, soluble in ether and chloroform. To color yellow, pure, soft and greasy feeling, was honey-like aroma is better. Bee white wax, white block. More pure quality. Smell is weak, the other with the yellow wax with [2].