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What`s Beeswax Foundation Sheet Dec 29, 2017

1, what`s beeswax foundation sheet 

Beeswax foundation sheet are kind of mimic beehives and used to line the bottom of beehive boxes. The beeswax foundation sheet make the bees to build up their home by themselves. 

The color, smell and beeswax content are all the main factors which affect if bees like this beehive. 

2, what we supply

one of the earliest manufacturer of bee products in China. We supply completed bee product, include crude beeswax, filtered beeswax, beeswax foundation sheet, new type plastic foundation and other bee products, such as honey extractor,beehive, etc. 

Our beeswax are popular in Europe market for beeswax comb foundation making. Our own beeswax comb foundation is neat, strong, and is better to feeding and management the colony. Beeswax comb foundation could attract bees secrete wax quickly and abundantly, thus could increase output in short time. 

3, Specificaton of beeswax foundation sheet 

General size: 41X 20X 0.3 cm ( supply other size according to your requirement ) 
Shelf life: 2 years 
Storage condition: Dry condition 
Beeswax content: 40% - 100% (different factory has different standard,need to check sample)
Our beeswax foundation sheet are processed by pure natural beeswax collected from our own beekeepers. There are cell bases on both sides in the same hexagonal shape as produced naturally by honeybees.

Our Services
1.Reply your inquiry within 24 hours with our well-trained and professional sales.
2.Free sample will be sent you immediately when you need.
3.Highly customized the non-standard frame size according to your requirements.
4.Do the best competitive price manufacturer of beekeeping equipment in China.
5.We can arrange air transportation or ship transportation. Or you can get help from your own forwarder.
6.We can offer all documents to help your customs clearance.
7.You can tell us any problems that occurs during the use of our products, and our trained staff will help you.